AZ Unit 10 Coyote Reduction efforts increase Antelope Fawn Survival

Hunting coyotes is backed by sound science, not ideological principles.

In 2009, the Arizona Game & Fish Department’s survey reflected a dismal fawn-to-doe pronghorn antelope ratio in Arizona’s Unit 10. After a two year coyote reduction effort we are seeing dramatic results.

“The fawn:doe ratio increased to higher levels during this project than in previous efforts where only aerial gunning was used. This is most likely attributed to the combination of trapping and aerial gunning as the methods used to remove coyotes. This combination of methods has been effective with 300 coyotes removed in 2010, 194 coyotes removed in 2011, and 175 coyotes removed in 2012 for a total of 669 coyotes removed from occupied pronghorn habitat in the last three springs. The surveyed fawn:doe ratio for this unit has increased from 15:100 in 2009, to 31:100 in 2010, 53:100 in 2011 and 35:100 in 2012. The 2011 fawn:doe ratio was the highest recorded in Unit 10 since 1970.”     
AZ Game & Fish Department Report 12-303

If you are a hunter, YOU should thank a predator hunter, because you will have a better chance of filling your freezer and mounting a pronghorn on the wall.  If you eat meat, you should thank a predator hunter because they are keeping your cost down. If you are a predator hunter, you need to understand that these efforts sometimes create MORE opportunity, because of the dynamics of the coyotes’ reproduction and social structure.  They have to be hunted every year, because the population rebounds so quickly. 

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