AZ G&F Survey! Take a few moments…

Go take it & keep this in mind:

The Arizona G&F Department is managing most of the deer herds at 10-20 bucks per 100 does.  Arizona has gone from 93K general deer permits (1960’s), down to 43K (2009), but yet we are managing them at the LOWEST buck to doe ratio possible.  Why?  Money?  Demand?  Personally, we feel it shouldn’t be below 25 to 100, but that’s another battle. 

One question in the survey asks: “Would rather kill a trophy or go hunting more.” This is a dumb question!  It’s not just about the trophy, but yes, most people want to shoot a big buck when they go hunting.  Look at the odds on the Strip & Kaibab, but that’s not what we are asking for…  We want a quality & healthy deer herd in the units South of Grand Canyon.   We want to see MORE hunters going on QUALITY hunts & that’s not what we have now. 

Also, statistically speaking, if you have more hunters on a given hunt, your odds of taking ANY animal will decrease.   Here is the link:

 2011 Arizona Game & Fish Hunt Guideline Survey

Added-Attend one of your local meetings if you want to voice your opinion, it matters.

State-Wide Hunt Guideline June Meetings

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