AZ Fall Draw Results…I was the guy you HATE!

When you apply for any draw hunts, it’s like waiting for Christmas morning when we were all five years old.  Just like many of you, I have dialed the number for hours & sat for days in front of my PC waiting for the news. 

Last year when I was told the early fall draw results were out, I was skeptical towards my chances.  So as my daughter filmed me & told me I was going to draw both elk & pronghorn permits, I had to chuckle.  I honestly thought there was no way in hell it was going to happen…


While reading these blogs I want everyone to realize I am not anyone special, as I put on my shoes the same way everyone else does & I don’t claim to be anything other than someone who works his tail-off because I value the hunt.   

2010 was the first time I had ever drawn a premium unit/season for elk & therefore I nicknamed it the season of No Excuses.  With that being said, this begins a series of blogs for the year of No Excuses

Babbit-Espee Ranch Gate

This was one of four ranches that I was going to be scouting & possibly hunting. 

To be continued…

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