AZ Early Hunt= Bucks, Storms, & SUN!

Got back around noon today & in case you did not know, it’s HOT!

I saw a total of 17 bucks in six days of hunting but so far a defined REDNECK is all I have to show for it.

The first afternoon Mike Collins glassed of 8 bucks in a cut above a treeline. Somebody had told him about this cut and it sure looked to be our smoking gun. One of the bucks in this cut was a nice typical, so shortly before sun went down we headed after him. Mike & I got within 90 yards of buck before we were busted. I was able to film the buck and he was a bit better than I thought…

The next morning Mike got to within 70 yards of a nice 4×2 but the herd of bucks caught our wind.

Later that afternoon we watched a big storm move around us, Thank God! We needed the rain but I was not looking forward to getting soaked. After the storm moved on Mike dodged bullets (literally) as some joker decided to shoot up a months worth of ammo. Needless to say I was not happy! I am pretty sure it wasn’t an outdoorsman because most hunters know it is illegal to target shoot while on AZ State Trust Land. We ended up getting skunked for the night.

The next morning Mike and I split up to cover more country. I was back on our famous hill when I found the nice typical buck. I finally realized that this was a buck worth pursuing, so I cut the distance. I was able to make it to the treeline before I shut it down. The wind was horrible and I figured he would be back and I was still hoping to located the big Non-Typical from last year.

Above is a side view of the big Typical. He has a patch of hair rubbed off on the left side of his face, thus I now call him #2. ISJ

We have a few days left to hunt but we sure could use a little luck, GOOD Luck that is. Lord knows I had enough bad luck this past week:

-Forgot the brauts (had the ORG and went out to eat).

-Lost my release (brought a back up).

-Peep Sight came off (got lucky & found it).

Nock point moved (Noticed after crushing a few broadheads in the dirt).

-12volt charger came apart.

At least nobody got hurt!

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