Average sucks… Below average really sucks.

Today, I was told to fold laundry, as my wife shut the door on her way to the grocery store.  I waited for the dryer to shut off & then remembered, I needed the CLEAN laundry basket.

I was really pumping myself up!   “I got this”, I mumbled to myself as  I headed to the table to fold the laundry.

My clothes pile....  Well below average, according to my wife.

My clothes pile…. Well below average, according to my wife.

The history of laundry at the Steele house.

I remember being a teenager and liking my closet & drawers to be organized.  I thought I was an ABOVE average laundry person, but then I got married.  

After a few months of being married, I realized I married a very DRIVEN laundry specialist.   I had never seen anything like it in my life.  The woman would iron ever piece of clothing we owned.  It felt like all she did was laundry and sometimes this went on until well PAST midnight.

Finally, one day I just said, “screw it”.   I told her the laundry job was all hers  because I realized she valued laundry more than I did.  I just couldn’t keep up…

My wife's shirts are organized.  I would love for mine to be this way, but I don't value it enough.

My wife’s shirts are organized. I would love for mine to be this way, but I don’t value it enough.

So, today I find myself as a BELOW average laundry person.  I enjoy clean clothes & I still enjoy the organization, but I am below average at it.  I realize, if I want to get better, I must work at it.  I must value becoming a better laundry person.  I must be willing to learn the folds from people, such as my wife in order to expedite this process.   If I don’t value it, which I don’t, I will go pull weeds & clean the garage.

My wife's piles are organized perfectly, while I don't really think it's that important.

My wife’s piles are organized perfectly, while I don’t really think it’s that important.

Are you an average hunter?

I am not talking the size of your wallet, I am talking about your abilities.  Keep in mind, I thought I was an above average laundry person, until today, so it’s important to BE HONEST with yourself.

If you don’t want to be an average hunter, there is only one way to get over the hump. You must value it.

-Craig Steele

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