Auction Tags vs Average Hunter

How do you define the average hunter?
Every time I hear the words average hunter I get confused. I have never been on a guided hunt; it’s just not the way I chose to personally hunt. I enjoy the aspects of scouting and hunting, either by myself or with family. I apply for 4 different states, but I am not even upper middle class. Am I the average hunter? I don’t know… Is the average hunter a resident that only applies for his or her state? There again, I don’t know. Are we defining the average hunter by their skill level, bank account, or character?
IMO Auction Tags can be bad for our way-of-life if the funds are not properly spent. I am not accusing any groups or anyone of not spending these funds properly; it’s merely a discussion point. These tags are sold for the harvest of public wildlife and they solely exist to raise funds for wildlife conservation. If the funds are not being spent properly then it is a shame and people are raping the system.
I have always questioned whether Auction Tags are truly good for conservation. I have never studied the financial aspects of where exactly or how the money is spent, nor do I currently have the time to hold a proper investigation. If they are being spent on access, water hauling, tank rebuilding and other wildlife conservation projects, than I believe they are a GREAT thing for ALL hunters.
Greed and Jealousy are two things that will continue to kill our way-of-life.  I will continue to hunt for myself and be happy for the people that succeed.

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