Arizona’s Unit 10! Will ROME fall???

Unit 10 shed hunting during the spring would not be allowed.

Arizona’s world famous Unit 10 is more than likely one of best places in the WORLD to hunt trophy elk and pronghorn.  Currently, threats are being made by the grazing rights lessee of the Boquillas Ranch (Diamond A Cattle Company) to shut down the ranch or charge a $60 access per hunt, per person access fee.  The Navajo Nation owns the private property and the other pieces of land are owned by the state of Arizona.  The wildlife that resides within the Boquillas Ranch and all of Arizona are owned by the PUBLIC of Arizona.

I recently read a letter that was sent to the Arizona Game & Fish Commission from former Unit 10 Game Warden, Tim Pender. Tim’s not playing politics and he is finally able to lay out the cards the way they are dealt.  Below is a link to Tim Pender’s letter:

General overview of Unit 10 via Hunting GPS Maps & Google Earth
My final thoughts…

I would be willing to accept an agreement if there was indeed an issue and it came from the private property owners (the Navajo Nation).  You have to value and have respect for private property owner rights.  This agreement is not the Navajo Nation’s proposal, it’s the cattle company’s.  The Navajo Nation currently only charges a $32 fee to hunt small game and predators for 1 calender year on their OWN reservation.  This is the proposal from a cattle company that wants control over public wildlife, state trust land, and the people that access the private property.   These are the facts!

PS…  They cannot charge you to walk in on the State Trust Land parcels if you are actively hunting or have a valid recreational permit.  Although they may legally keep you from corner jumping, I know this from first hand experience, the Sheriff’s Department doesn’t have a law in the books to cite you.  I would suggest you consult with legal counsel before you start corner jumping from state trust section to state trust section.    

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