Arizona Monster Elk Rut Update-9.18.13

It’s now September 18th,  so why aren’t the elk screaming in Arizona?  It’s complicated and truthfully,  we may never understand all of the dynamics of the timing and strength of the elk rut.
Check-out this post from June:

I really think it is important to look at the facts, as I hear so many assumptions.
I will say this again, the cows must be healthy, and the fatter they are,  the sooner they cycle.   FYI-We had an extremely dry spring and late start to the Monsoon.  
Other hidden factors:
1. Bull to cow ratio
2. Pressure
Arizona produces some of the biggest bulls in the world.  Typically,  the archery hunters are pretty successful with a 2 week long season during primetime.  
This year, big bulls are still falling, but at a much slower rate.  With a slow rut and water in abundance,  it’s a good time to call in big bulls that are on the prowl. Many times this is a stage of the rut we see around the 1st of September.
Tactics we suggest during a slow rut:
1.  Sit water or wallows
2.  Spot and stalk
3. Spot and call.
Keep Grinding!   No Excuses!!!
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