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It is less than one week away from my only big game hunt of the year; over-the-counter Arizona Archery Deer! It’s the only tag I can seem to acquire now a days but I apply for some quality hunts, so I can’t complain too much. It’s fairly dry out there but I have seen a few good ones during my scouting trips.

This year’s weather has sure been weird. Heavy snows at the end of last year and basically nothing until May & June (a few good showers). The Monsoon precipitation fired off early but it is way below normal and for you archery elk hunters, the rut might be a little unique but antler growth looks to be good.

Some people say I am a weather nut but that’s only because I use the stuff to plan all of my hunts. I hope folks check out the weather section in this year’s edition of the AZ Outdoorsman’s Resource Guide. I believe the web-links and information in that section are the most accurate and crucial pieces of information for anyone to be consistently successful while hunting (along with scouting, appropriate tactics or the hiring of a quality guide).

For those of you headed out to hunt or scout, make sure you check it out. Arizona’s Monsoon precipitation has proved disappointing so far and you can compare past years’ data by clicking on the Drought Monitor image.

Go check it out and good luck!

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