Arizona Guide & Outfitter Top Picks

Vaquero Outfitters is owned by Chad Smith and for the second year in a row they won the Mule Deer Guide Service Top Pick.  It wouldn’t have suprised us if Vaquero Outfitters won almost any of the categories, as Chad has been a part of a ton of great trophy elk, pronghorn, coues & desert bighorn sheep.   
Border Land Adventures is owned by Matt Woodard and they are a newcomer to the Top Pick awards.  Border Land Adventures was voted as the Coues Deer Guide Service Top Pick.  After talking with Matt & looking over his pictures, you can tell he is very dedicated & has a top notch Coues operation. 

Looking back, not all of the Outdoorsman’s Top Pick categories played out the way we might have wanted them to, but it’s not our opinion. The Outdoorsman’s Top Pick is a concept that we believe is unique and holds real value. When you see the logo by the name of a Guide & Outfitter, remember it wasn’t placed there because they paid us to endorse them or gave us something.

If you want our personal opinions, please feel free to give us a call at 1.877.842.1258 or look at pages 8 & 9 of the NEW Outdoorsman’s Resource Guide.

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