Arizona Elk Rut Report-2013

Yesterday, I headed up to elk camp in Northern Arizona.  On my way up,  I was able to talk with about 20 different guides  and hunters.   
The first weekend of the 2013 Arizona Archery Elk Hunt has been extremely slow.  Rutting activity has been very minimal, with many of the big bulls feeding and hanging around the edges of the other elk.   
We believe we are a week behind the the typical year,  but that is just an educated guess.  Although we received large amounts of Monsoon Moisture,  most of it came after the 15th of July.  In my opinion,  that’s a huge factor,  especially because we had a very dry spring.
The good news is…  
It’s going to get better,  we just aren’t sure if cows are going to start cycling in bunches or slow and steady.  The rain has cleared up and the elk should start to become more predictable.
Rut Report-
Unit 1-bugling and active
Unit 2-isolated bugling
Unit 3-isolated bugling,  slowly picking up
Unit 4-6-Very Little Activity
Unit 7- little bugling,  some reports of bulls going hard,  but very isolated
Unit 8-little bugling,  extremely slow
Unit 9-Isolated Bugling,  very slow
Unit 10-isolated Bugling,  very slow
Block or Western Multi-Units-  Bugling Decent, Reports of Isolated Fighting and hard bugling
Units 21-23-Little Bugling,  but getting better
Big Bulls are still falling!  
Units 7, 21, 1, 27 & 18B have already produced some tanks this weekend, 370-417 inches.   
We strongly feel, some of the biggest bulls will still come from 21, 22 & 23.  This area had the best feed and moisture during the critical antler growth time period.

We are seeing RECORD class Mosquitos!
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