Arizona Elk & Antelope! Apply where?

It’s that time already!!!  Go apply for your Arizona Elk & Antelope permits! 

Arizona Produces MONSTER Elk & Pronghorn-Antelope!

Deadline: February 8, 2011

Some things to think about…

How much precipitation has Arizona had & what is predicted?
Page 50 in the digital ORG is where you can follow a link to an Up-to-Date Arizona Drought Map all YEAR!
With any luck the predictions will be wrong!

January-April are crucial months for Antler & Horn growth, especially Antler growth. The Climate Prediction Center & the NWS are saying we might experience La Nina  conditions this winter & spring.  This would be very bad news for Arizona Bull Elk Hunters because this will bring below normal precipitation amounts to Northern AZ. 

Eastern AZ is typically a wetter climate than Western AZ.

If I was a Non-Resident or lived down in the Valley or Tucson Area, I would probably think about applying for bull elk in the White Mtns. & Rim Country. Why?  With all the data out on the table, I personally feel like Western & Central Arizona are due for a poor antler growth year.  We have strung several good years in a row, in fact I think 2007 was the last poor antler growth year. 

During the winter/spring of 2007 we experienced La Nina conditions!

On a positive note, we are a little ahead of where we were in 2007.  I also have heard from some religious AZ Pronghorn Guides/Hunters that Pronghorn typically have their best horn growth/hair growth in mild drought years.  I have never personally paid attention…

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