are you one of the BEST in your local hunting areas?

After my recent posts the Learning Curve & Scouting a NEW hunting area/gmu , I wanted to follow up with some points, because I know how I can come across to people who may be where I was as at 10-25 years ago…

Local Resident Hunters SHOULD be the best in their local hunting areas/units, but only about 10% actually are.  

A local hunter’s ability to network, scout and gain historical knowledge of their backyard gives them the competitive advantage over anyone having to travel to those areas.  Again, this is why quality guides are hired by a small percentage of hunters each year.  This is also why they are typically more successful than 50-60% of local residents, who don’t scout or put very little effort into becoming a better hunter. Contributing Author, Kevin Passmore, wrote a blog post about hunting easy-to-draw hunts .  This was a PERFECT example of a local resident hunter taking advantage of a hunt most non-residents and residents don’t want to attempt. Kevin knew these hunting areas well and he also knew if he put in the time (aka valued his hunt enough) he would have a great chance at getting it done.

Keep in mind, I am not talking about size of the animals as compared to the rest of the world (aka the record books). I am talking about working on YOUR own goals, skills, knowledge and consistency on hunts in your backyard.   

I know only a handful of you will actually take what I am saying to heart, so I hope it’s you…


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