Hunting Tactics? Looking & listening to you?

Are other hunters & guides watching & listening to you?

Are other hunters & guides using your information to gain an advantage without you knowing?

When we hunt public land we all are competing against nature, but we are also competing against our fellow hunter.   Yeah, you and me, we compete when we both have a tag.  This is where the term “Sportsmen (women)” really hits home for me.  Most of the time, if we use the Golden Rule, mutual respect can be found while out in the field or interacting on social media.  This how I always try to go about any situation I run into. Occasionally, I have been in situations where hunters and guides have been down right arrogant pompous jerks, in which I tend to just go on about my own business.

The desire to “GET MINE” at no matter what the cost seems to be increasing across the board.  With Social Media, it seems like everyone wants a little Social Fame, which I don’t think anyone has a problem with…  The rub lies, when a fellow hunter or guide has such a low moral compass, they don’t care about treating others with respect.  I understand, the wait and cost of hunting trophy big game is rising, so the demand is going to continue to increase.  I get the pressure of guiding & hunting for trophy big game, but is it worth throwing out sportsman ethics?   Is it worth branding youself as a pompous jack—? recently published an article titled: Are You Giving Away Your Hunting Locations?  I thought this was probably one of the best articles I have seen for the REALITY of the world we live in today and it’s a MUST READ.  Big technology companies make huge money by collecting our data, so they can create more efficient marketing platforms and products, but everything comes with a sacrifice, in this case it’s our hunting privacy.

Instagram will map your images, so make sure you turn off this function after every update.

Instagram will map your images, so make sure you turn off this function after every update.

I first noticed  an issue with my smartphone images while posting on Instagram a few years ago, so I quickly turned off the location function in my app.   I thought my problem was done, but then last night while looking through images that friends and family had sent to me over the past year, reiterated how big of an issue this can be.  Almost everyone was sending me not only images of awesome animals, but the locations of where they took the images as well.  Personally, I don’t like to know where anyone hunts, because I don’t want to ever be accused of showing up in one of my buddies honey holes.  I know some of my competition (hunters & guides) would use this information for their own personal gain.  You & I call it taking SHORTCUTS, but to some, it’s a tactic.

Breach in your conversations?

Two way radios are a communication device which have been around for a long time.   I have used 2 way radios for many years to help stay in contact with hunting partners, clients, base camp and often my family while I leave them at the truck.  Sometimes I have been cautious with what is said over the radio and other times I have probably given out too much information.   Honestly, I haven’t given much thought to anyone listening to my conversations, other than the person whom I am talking with. I am generally pretty loose lipped, perhaps you would even call me naive, but that’s all changing…

Anyone can buy personal radio scanners and scan any radio frequencies they wish.  We use to scan PD’s traffic when I worked Fire, so I knew you could do this, but not believing others would purposely ease-drop, I didn’t think anyone would actually stoop to using my conversations as a hunting tactic.  Recently, I have been told by multiple credible sources, that indeed some guides and hunters are scanning radio channels as a means to get the drop on other people’s hunting locations and intel.  I haven’t personally had this happen, but it doesn’t surprise me one bit as again, the hunting community is simply a micro version of society.

Contrary to what many may think, I am actually very cautious to what I post.  I realize human nature is to be curious, heck, I am no different.  When I see an image or video, curiosity always takes over and I wonder where you were at.  To me, the difference is HOW one obtains the information?  Was it a tactic or just a fluke?

Then, WHAT does one do with the information?


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