Archery Javelina Hunting in 2015


Every year we look back to our previous hunts and think about how we can become better hunters. Our biggest priority is to get better and film 100% of our hunts. Javelina hunts are the absolute perfect chance for us to practice everything from spotting to filming, There is no stress with Javelina hunts, unlike everything else we pursue. If it looks mature, it is game on!

I’m always looking to perfect my gear and my latest goal was to shoot with out my quiver on. I love the way it feels and I believe it’s much quieter. My father and I shoot the exact same setup, a Hoyt carbon element bow, Tight spot quiver and Ulmer Edge broadheads. When you watch the video and listen to the sound of my father’s bow set at 60 lbs and my bow without the quiver set at 70 lbs. Let me know what you think… Also, pay close attention as Brittany’s and my father’s Javelina both jump the string slightly. My shot was without my quiver and was 12 yards farther, my pig never flinched until the arrow hit him.

I tend to take advice on certain things but when it comes down to it, if I don’t feel comfortable shooting with it or something doesn’t fit right, I will change it.

Hope you enjoy our video and good luck in the draws this year!

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