Archery Desert Mule Deer Fun Grind *Episode 16



Archery mule deer hunting is probably one of the most difficult hunts to consistently be successful on.  Lots of factors come into play like, rut timing, habitat, deer density, etc..  On top of all of these factors you have the issue of giant ears & lots of big eyes looking for predators.   Getting to within bow range can be a slow, but fun grind.

My home state of Arizona has an Over-the-Counter season & each year I try to hunt at least one of the seasons, but this past year I just didn’t get out to hunt.  Like many of you, I work for a living & that means you must prioritize your time & make sacrifices.  I am not, & I won’t make any excuses, I am just simply stating my truth.

I challenge you to stop making excuses for why you aren’t accomplishing your goals & to just be down right honest with yourself.

-Craig Steele

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