Another happy customer!!!

“It came this morning, looked interesting, so I opened it expecting to read a couple of pages.  I read it cover to cover. It’s what every arizona sports person
must have, as first on the list; for each adventure.

I am 74 , been hunting & fishing since I was 9   ( 41 yrs. in AZ.),   operated a TAXIDERMY BUSINESS , IN 3 STATES, Ret. USAF–COMMERCIAL PILOT, & ECT.    ( I’m still 100 % healthy- & ready for this  Sept. Antelope season to open)

I find YOUR OUTDOORSMANS RESOURCE GUIDE the best source of information that I have ever seen. It is focused & to the point on what the Arizona outdoorsman needs to have on hand on each adventure.

I was drawn for Antelope -30A  and Elk -unit 1 -EARLY BULL this year.  Guess that I got the stars lined up just right , the day of the draw.

I HAVE SOME EXCELLENT PHOTOS OF SOME VERY IMPRESSIVE ANTELOPE (MOUNTED)  SCORES AROUND 96 ARCHERY. I have not given them to any magazine or publishing company. I will recommend it to all my outdoor friends.”

Ostasiewski & Lawing

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Craig Steele

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Craig Steele is the founder and publisher at Craig is an obsessed hunter and professional hunting guide. He owns and operates Predator Exclusives. Craig also guides for Exclusive Pursuit Outfitters. Besides hunting and guiding, he operates CS Creativity, which is his marketing and graphic design business.

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