Am I entitled to hunt?

Craig Steele, publisher,

Craig Steele, publisher,

As I sit here & think about the future of hunting, I am not going to lie to myself, it’s very bleak.   We have in house issues such as access, cost, commercialization, fairchase  & so on.  And while we all debate these important issues, the outside issues & community are slowly picking us apart. I know technology & the speed of communication will only speed up this process and unless their is a HUGE culture shift.

I have always poured my heart out on my vids & writing.  I have always tried to be as transparent as I could, because I know my own truth.  I know where I have been, what I have done & I never want to be called a FAKE.  I never want my kids to look at their dad as a pretender.   I never want to get paid for something I didn’t earn.  We all want transparency, until we look at ourselves in the mirror and we see the truth staring back at us.   We quickly walk away & go back to our, it’s all about ME fantasy.   Once we don’t get what is better for ME, we toss darts.  We place blame on something or someone, while we continue lie to ourselves.  I have been there, but I refuse to go back to that place.

As a dad & husband, I find myself questioning everything I do, because it matters.

As a dad & husband, I find myself questioning everything I do, because it matters.

As a hunting community, we have to be honest with ourselves, in order to make hunting work in the future, we have to recognize that we aren’t the only person at the table.   We need land to recreate on, so we have to do our best to maintain good relationships with landowners & the GENERAL public who can legislate us out of hunting on public land.  We need public perception to lean toward the positive when they think of trophy hunting & hunting as a whole.  We have to reach out & work with different groups & people in order to pass down our hunting heritage to future generations.  We have to get involved & be slow to speak & quick to listen.

Entitlements are woven into today’s culture, from a few entitled ranchers, to individuals who lie and rape the system every month, but when is the last time you looked in the mirror as a hunter & ask yourself, am I guilty of feeling entitled?  Am I entitled to hunt?

Have a blessed Easter.

-Craig Steele


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Craig Steele

About Craig Steele

Craig Steele is the founder and publisher at Craig is an obsessed hunter and professional hunting guide. He owns and operates Predator Exclusives. Craig also guides for Exclusive Pursuit Outfitters. Besides hunting and guiding, he operates CS Creativity, which is his marketing and graphic design business.

5 thoughts on “Am I entitled to hunt?

  1. Hunter Weems

    Very well written Craig. It seems as though people want something to be angry about all the time weather it being the draw system or the success of another Hunter. I believe if every individual would focus on their own happiness and the betterment of their own lives everyone would benefit from that. As far as being entitled to hunting, I don’t believe anyone is entitled to anything without the proper effort and sweat and tears put into it. And at that point it becomes EARNED. You inspire many in the outdoor industry, myself included. It’s too bad outdoorsman can’t give credit where it is due and all play for the same team. I will be forever grateful for the insight that your videos and writings have given me about hunting and especially the Hunt For More series. It has given me a reality check and humbled me greatly. For that I thank you Craig. You have my full support.

  2. Ron

    Craig your so right about times a-changing …faster.. I can remember carrying my old Rem 721 single shot .22 to Ag class. I carried it on the new “H” Farmall at all times and had run over it and needed to repair the stock. Not long before that I had seen a Webley .455 and 10 shells in a Klines Dept Store add and as a 14 yr old had saved up the required $14 and placed the cash in a 3 cent envelope ..less than two weeks later I was delighted to receive them in the mail. … Ron
    PS nearing 80 and ain’t shot nobudy yet.

  3. AZBC

    8 billion people on planet Earth less than a decade away. One is entitled to what the powers that be allow and entitlements further reduced to accommodate others at time goes on and human populations increase, or whatever the powers dictate. Bottom line, too many people, too many different types of people (e.g. beliefs). Easterners will continue to dictate Western values and laws among other. Most all people are ME, my junk, my life, and my ‘freedom’, right NOW… and self-entitled. All most do is USE. USE enough, things wear out. All baby boomers have done is raise more baby boomers who now are raising more baby boomers, all based on REASON and BELIEF. Correction required? LOGIC?

    Bottom line, there are issues that are a lot more important than hunting these days. One probably needs to focus on getting smarter, gaining more skills, being more knowledgeable, being more USEFUL, being more IMPORTANT, and getting REAL LOCAL and work on community. Work to sustain Western USA values, e.g. western public land hunting, open country, among many other.

    Instead of being just a “citizen”, be a “responsible citizen”. More is required from citizens than taking care of themselves, their family, paying taxes, and going hunting or other.


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