AFFORDABLE? Oudoorsman’s Resource Guide

Is the Outdoorsman’s Resource Guide really AFFORDABLE?

Ads start at just $75, but lets compare apples to apples.  A full page 4-color Ad in the Outdoorsman’s Resource Guide is $1,000 (without any of the discounts).  We are mailing 5,000 O.R.G.’s this year, so check this out:

Quote for mailing 5K 8 1/2″x11″ Half Fold Brochures-$2,261-
Plug in the numbers yourself Direct Mail Quotes.

This quote is without buying your mailing list which would be another $500, plus you might also need it designed.  It’s safe to say that this would cost $2,800+!!! 

If you buy a Full Page Ad with us, you get the works!  We can publish a YouTube video, we embed this YouTube video in your Ad, we provide a direct web-link & we blog about you during crucial times.  The first 5 Full Page Ads purchased will also receive a banner Ad at the top of this blog.  We anticipate between subscription, dealer, online & trade shows sales we will distribute 10,000 Outdoorsman’s Resource Guides this next year.

You decide…

Affordable. Effective. Simple!

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