Admitting failure is the cure.

Admitting you make mistakes, but having the courage to share and overcome them is what matters.

Admitting you make mistakes, but having the courage to share and overcome them, is what matters.

From the outside, we all want to be perceived as this perfect person, hunter or guide. Deep down we don’t want to be wrong or to admit we have weaknesses. In my opinion, it’s reached epidemic status in society, because we know what comes with showing weakness.  Your worst enemies will tear you apart, and your closest friends may perhaps have their first inclination of doubt in your abilities or decisions.

As a guide, hunter and person, I make mistakes all the time.  Daily, if I am truthful.

I am obsessed with showing and sharing many of my hunting and guiding mistakes, so that’s why I write, film and talk about them so openly. I believe it’s important and it’s needed. I believe without showing the failures our way-of-life’s perception is made to look too easy, especially with ever advancing media and technology. I know this perception creates animosity and multiplies envy, with-in the hunting community and outside of it.

Watch all 22 current episodes of #HuntforMore and see some of my failures:

I believe people have lost respect for many guides, outfitters and hunting as a whole, because we are afraid to share the moments which make it real. We are afraid if we post the wrong picture, say the wrong thing or shoot the wrong buck, people will formulate a poor opinion.

What would happen if people found out I can’t score a pronghorn antelope with in an inch or call in a coyote on every stand?

Failure is real for everyone, but many won’t share out of fear of perception. So, perhaps I will lose a client or 2, or you won’t think of me as the greatest predator hunter who ever lived or the best elk guide in Arizona, but at least I won’t have to worry about perception and schemes.

Effort, hardwork, determination and god’s blessings are the only way to succeed.

-Craig Steele

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