40" Giant Mule Deer Dies

I recently saw this posted on the Arizona Desert Sheep Guides blog (aka Littlehorn Outfitters).  You can find more images of this buck on the by visiting this link Arizona Desert Sheep Guides.

Geoff Moss took this image of the 40″ giant buck around Christmas of 2012.

Here are some of the details as reported by the National Parks Traveler’s Website

“A big mule deer buck that gained renown around Grand Teton National Park not just for its overall size, but also for its unusual antler configuration, has died of natural causes and has been recovered by rangers.

Park rangers, along with Wyoming Game and Fish Department personnel, conducted an investigation into the deer’s death. They concluded the buck died sometime on January 8 as a result of physical injuries. Its body was found along the Gros Ventre River near the park’s southern boundary.

While the natural death of an animal inside of a national park can be expected, this individual deer wore an atypical set of antlers — one side had more tines than the other, and the spread of the antlers was estimated at 40 inches — that brought particular attention and admiration from visitors and local residents alike.”  NPT Staff on January 13, 2013 – 1:35am

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