3 Big Game Animals in LESS than a YEAR!

Ernie with his 3rd Big Game Animal in less than a Year!
Our young cousin, Ernie Scaff, has taken his first 3 Big Game Animals in less than one year.  He just killed his second Mule Deer buck and second big game animal of 2012!  Ernie has developed into a pretty good young hunter, considering he was once afraid of shooting a .22 rimfire. His last two big game animals were both taken down with 1 shot.  Honestly, a lot of practice has gone into making him a better shot, as well as one quality piece of gear. The TriClawps gun rest system.  It works, period.  I don’t endorse or put myself out there for many products, but this system is a practical solution too many gun rest issues I have seen in the field.  It makes it so much easier for youth hunters to acquire their target and it gives anyone the ability to feel rock solid from a sitting to a standing position.

Congrats to Ernie for conquering the challenges and for sticking with it.  No Excuses…

His first elk!  A nice unit 10 AZ Bull.


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