2015 Southwest Hunting Unit Drought Update

Arizona Drought

2015 Arizona Hunting Unit Precipitation Update.

2015 Colorado Hunting Unit Precipitation Update.

2015 Colorado Drought Hunting GMU Precipitation Update.

Nevada Drought

2015 Nevada Hunting Unit Precipitation Update.

New Mexico Drought

2015 New Mexico Hunting Unit Precipitation Update.

Utah Drought

2015 Utah Limited Entry Elk Hunting GMU Precipitation Update.

The outlook for March-April-May of 2015 is looking good for the Southwest, but it's just an outlook.

The outlook for March-April-May of 2015 is looking good for the Southwest, but it’s just an outlook.

My 2015 current antlered big game animal application strategy…

After looking over this I will really be watching Nevada because I have a bunch of points. I want to make sure it gets some much needed precipitation in the elk and mule deer units I want to hunt. New Mexico is probably going to be better than it has been in SEVERAL years, so I might throw in my elk application this year. I already applied in Utah for Mule Deer, but I am in the waiting period for elk. Colorado will probably get my rifle mule deer application again, it just depends on my schedule. I already applied for Arizona Elk & Pronghorn. I applied for an easier to draw elk tag, because I think Arizona has a chance to produce some above average antler growth. I have 14 points for Mule Deer in Arizona, so I will be applying for 13B & 13A (Arizona Strip) for mule deer. I am crossing my fingers, but I am still not at Max points for the Arizona Strip Mule Deer Hunts.

Keep checking back, because I will update these in a few months and give you my final 2015 antler growth synopsis.

-Craig Steele

Here is a link to an article I published in January: 2015 Southwest Elk Antler Growth Where to Apply?

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