2013 Hunt Vid Highlights

Several of the contributing authors at ORGhunt.com were asking me about topics they should write on or share.  I told them to be 100% honest with themselves and talk about their strengths.

In today’s media landscape, where everyone is a publisher, it’s really more important than ever to be honest.  People will pick you a part, so you can’t pretend to be an expert on every topic, like you could 20 years ago.

This past week I was going to send out an email to the guys contributing to #ORGhunt and then I realized, “Hell, am I credible ?”

Like really…

Do people really know what I do or what my strengths are???   

I honestly believe I could be good at any type of hunting, if I put my mind to it, but I just don’t have the time or passion for everything.  I have several species that I really love to hunt, but some hunts and species I just have zero interest in.

I decided to put together a short film from some of the footage I captured while hunting and guiding last year, so that perhaps people who don’t know me will find value in what I write and publish.

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