2012 Navajo Nation Sheep Hunt Video

Georgianna Piestewa was able to take her once-in-a-lifetime Navajo Nation Desert Bighorn Sheep in 2012. We met Georgianna’s husband (Adam) several years ago and we have become great friends.  It’s always nice to meet good people that share many of the same values as you.  The raw emotions flow out of Georgianna after she shoots her ram, which makes this video that much better.  Adam talked about editing some of it out, but we are glad he and Paper Rocket Productions left it in.

Some of the hunt dynamics…

First, Georgianna is a full time RN and mother of three.  Her tag was a once-in-a-lifetime draw permit. They could not scout until after the auction hunter had killed his ram. The auction hunter ended up hunting right up until the very end, which lead to just a few days of preseason scouting and the season was only 5 days long. The Navajo Nation has only produced a couple of rams over 160″; so it is not considered to be a very good place to find a B&C ram. 

Congratulations to the entire Piestewa family.

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