2012 AZ Deer Tag!

2012 AZ Deer Draw Results coming soon…

Arizona’s Deer & Sheep draw results are always one of the last to be released out west.  With the new online system in place you can check your credit card for pending charges to find out if you have a tag coming.  The 2012 Arizona big game draws were extremely generous to Richelle this year.  With 9 bonus points, she drew her FIRST mule deer tag!  It is an awesome late mule deer hunt and she also has an AZ elk tag!

Richelle Steele with her first elk.

My luck…well…4 states and 8 species without a draw tag.  Anyways, go check your card for pending charges, if you applied online in Arizona.

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2 thoughts on “2012 AZ Deer Tag!

  1. Anonymous

    Just curious if anyone has a charge pending for the hunt. I am not sure how far in advance of posting that they run the cards.

  2. Craig and Richelle Steele

    We do, as stated above. Others also have charges pending. Some credit card companies will not post pending charges online or over their automated phone systems. If you are desperate you can call the CC company and speak with someone.

    Thanks! Goodluck


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