2012 Antler Growth in the White Mountains

We had the opportunity to meet Jed Larson from the Sneek Freak TV blog a few weeks back.  This all happened by chance, and it’s always nice to meet someone that you have followed via the World Wide Web.  It’s even better, when first impressions are good!  We could have talked with Jed for hours about hunting, filming, and probably anything else to do with the outdoors.

Here is a recent video shot by Jed:

2012 Arizona White Mountain Bull Elk

One of the conversations we had was about (Elk) antler growth in Eastern Arizona.  Eastern Arizona (White Mountains) has actually seen some challenging range conditions over the past several years.  Anything from ridiculous deep snow, lack of spring precipitation, and huge wildfires! These facts have caused  many of the bulls to not produce the overall antler growth that they should, but eventually this will turn full circle.

Go check-out Jed’s blog at:  SneekFreekTV.blogspot.com

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