2011 Elk Rut Intensity?

2010 Rut Activity was great the 1st week of September!

New Mexico & Eastern Arizona were super dry until the Monsoon hit last month.  Central & Western Arizona had a pretty good winter, but the Monsoon has been spotty.  So, the dynamics for feed & water are very interesting…

The fall equinox is set to hit on September 23, 2011.  There will be a full moon on September 12th & the new moon will arrive September 27th.

August 12, 2010

Keep in mind, the health of cows (bulls too) can have significant effects on the breeding cycle.  If they aren’t healthy they won’t cycle properly.  Unlike many, we tend to worry less about full moons, temperatures/weather & other factors because those can work both for & against the intensity of an elk rut. 

On a good precipitation year many big bulls will start to rub, or at least shed their velvet in the Southwest around the first two weeks of August.  This is a good sign for archery elk hunters & makes us relax a bit because we know things are starting to head in a positive rut direction.

If you have cows in estrus, it will turn on!

When big bulls figure out the cows are close to their estrus cycle, it starts to get exciting.  Cows that are in estrus will leave scent that bulls can smell, so if a couple of big bulls are in the area where you have a cow or two in estrus, it’s on!

A cow’s estrus cycle typically only lasts 24 hours, that’s a short window to be bred.  So, it doesn’t matter if it’s a full moon, if it’s 100 degrees or if it’s 30 below, when the cows start constantly coming into estrus, the bulls around that area will rut hard.

Our Elk Rut Intensity List!
  1. Health of the animals (estrus cycle)
  2. Time of the year (estrus cycle)
  3. Bull to Cow ratio
  4. Human/Predator Activity
  5. Congregation of elk
  6. Temperatures/Weather
  7. Moon Phase
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