2011 Antler & Drought conditions…

La NINA has made it a very interesting winter for Arizona, so far…

Pre-February 19-20, 2011 Major Storm
Early December 2010 brought a major storm system to Arizona & it dumped copious amounts of precipitation in Western & Central Arizona.  January was one of the DRIEST months ever RECORDED, followed by a major storm system just a couple of days ago.  

Arizona Unit 10 was doing well even before this latest storm, despite a prolong dry period.

GMU 7W still had patches of snow on the ground from the December 2010 Storm System.

Arizona Unit 8 had very high soil moisture levels & despite a dry January was in very good shape.

When comparing the latest U.S. Drought Monitor we are between the 2010 & 2009 Winter Season.

With the latest storm it will be very interesting to see where we stand…

2006 & 2007 were both year’s of La Nina!  As you can see we are doing pretty darn well, even with  La Nina conditions hovering of us.
Below are some Rain & Snowfall totals from the latest storm system:

With all of this in mind, we are still concerned with the below normal outlooks for March-April, especially for Eastern & Southeastern Arizona.  If we had to guess, Western & Central Arizona may again produce some of the biggest bucks & bulls in the world during the 2011 season.
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