2010 World Record Elk?

All of this wet weather in the southwest is a great thing; we need every bit of it. With that being said, I am glad I put in for the units that I did because I think Arizona GMU 10, 8 & a couple other sleeper units will produce some of the biggest bulls in the world this year.

WHY? These units are a little lower in elevation and haven’t been hit with the deep snow like some of the other areas. These areas also have some great south facing slopes that will be covered in green feed in just a few short weeks.

2005 was the best year I have ever seen in Arizona for antler growth because most of the storms were tropical in nature. That meant most of the wet weather came in the form of rain, which allowed the feed to start sprouting up by the first of March. Snow is great but deep snow, like we have seen this year will cause animals to burn more calories before and during the first few weeks of their antler growing phase.   With deep snow the feed will start sprouting up about April/May in the High Country, which may not make for the best ELK antler growth scenario.

*The current short-term Palmer Index looks good for most of the West!
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