2010 Arizona Elk Rut! HOT! HOT! HOT!

Temperatures really heated up on the third day of the 2010 Arizona Archery Elk Hunts.

After a decent low pressure system moved through Arizona three days before the opener, we were all reminded that we live in a desert.
Many people despise a Full Moon during an Archery Elk Hunt, but we have learned to welcome them.  From Sunday thru Saturday of my hunt the rutting activity was minimal.  Many of the bulls were doing what I call, “Code Talking”. “Code Talking”, is basically just short communication bugles bulls use amongst each other & their cows. 
As the moon began to brighten up, I was hoping that the elk would move more during the night, thus allowing them to cluster together more. On days 9-12 it was HOT!  90F+!!!  These were the hottest temperatures I have ever encountered on an Arizona Archery Elk Hunt, but the rutting activity had really picked up.  With more cows coming into estrus & a Full Moon, it allowed the elk to travel throughout the night & they seemed to be clustered together more in the mornings. 
I will just say, I am very thankful for the precipitation we got this summer.

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