the last day of the 2013 colorado archery season went out without an elk on the ground. had a nice bull and about 10 cows located. spent 2 hours crossing a river and hiking across a snow covered aspen dead fall slopes in the dark to get to them, only to be beat by another hunter cutting across private property. thant seemed to be the story of the season this year. frustrating to say the least!  Best bet for tagging out next year…hunt early!  Preferably before the muzzleloader season.  Or use my preference points to draw a limited hunt area.
Here is the clip of “Triple Double” that I promised.  It’s very Shaky! Was trying to hand hold and film through my scope.  I spent 3 hours opening day stalking him and ended up with a stare down through a tree at 50 yards.  Of course thats archery.  Will replay it in my mind countless times between now and next season.  I know his no monster in some states but he is about as big as they get in a Colorado OTC unit.  7X8 typical frame with a full length triple brow tine on his right side.

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